Monolithic Refractories

General Information
CMAX Monolithic Refractories for Glass Industry including Ziron, AZS, Zircon-Mullite, Silica, Orundum, Mullite, Fireclay, Light Weight Fireclay Castable, and Zircon-Mullite Ramming, Silica Hot Repairing Mix, and Mullite, Fireclay, Magnesia, Zirconia, and Zircon-mullite Mortar. Made as per international standards, our product is known for its low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance, excellent mechanical strength. Further, these can be provided in different specifications as required by the clients.

Low thermal conductivity
Excellent thermal shock resistance
Excellent mechanical strength

Please click CNBM MONOLITHIC FOR GLASS INDUSTRY to download the detailed types and technical datas.

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